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Cannabis is increasingly penetrating popular culture and media culture

It’s use is increasingly being disseminated by current media and turning out to be popular with the current generation. Cannabidiol CBD Tropfen (CBD) is derived from cannabis sativa. It is widely accepted and legally approved in many states and countries because it does not have a psychoactive effect on the mind. Various individuals are finding this oil beneficial in different ways. Although different professionals use CBD oil in their everyday lives either for medical or personal reasons, musicians have consistently patronized the oil. Cannabidiol and music just go together. The two have a reciprocal relationship.

As CBD boost serotonin and dopamine levels by activating the receptors, this in turn triggers relaxation and a happy mood allowing you to appreciate and enjoy music. Many musicians are supporters of legalization of marijuana in its various forms. The discovery of CBD oil has helped a lot of artists handle their anxiety problems. Some musicians have claimed the oil enhances their creativity, inspires their mind up to relax and open up to new sounds and ideas. Musicians usually work hard and practice for hours in order to write songs, prepare for live performances or concerts and this could be highly stressful.

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According to many musicians who have experimented with THC compounds and alcohol, CBD oil has a different feel to it. While THC heightened the senses, it could put you in a low motivation, paranoid and sloppy mood. Alcohol on the other hand, sedates the mind in many users rendering them unable to be think outside the box. Overall, CBD has been found to help achieve optimal performance by moderating stress levels and inspires the mind. Some days when the motivation and stress levels are low, CBD oil increases the sensitivity of dopamine and serotonin receptors. These mood enhancing neurotransmitters give a ‘feel-good’ state in response to CBD oil, enabling you to focus and enjoy groove with the music. For big shows where musicians get nervous, CBD oil helps moderate the stress levels by adjusting the secretion of endocannabinoid to level out the stress. CBD activates the adenosine receptors that releases calming chemicals. Do not get it wrong. CBD does not take away the anxiety totally, but takes the edge off, leaving you feeling anxious enough to give a great performance without the added discomfort of over-stress. CBD does not sedate the mind therefore you feel every moment and enjoy the ride, augmenting your performances and helping you remain energetic and focused. The World Health Organization recently announced after extensive research that CBD is not toxic or addictive and does not intoxicate the mind. The industry surrounding CBD has continued to ballon, turning into a mega economy with enormous sakes and revenue. It is one of the fastest growing industries and will continue to grow more popular as people discover its benefits and regulatory restrictions are relaxed. The lifestyle of famous musicians could be hectic, demanding and full of criticism, exposing them to depression. CBD oils has been found to have a therapeutic effect enabling it to serve as an effective treatment for uplifting moods. CBD calms the nerves and quells out the nervous energy.

How does CBD Work?

CBD boosts the secretion of natural endocannabinoid which improves the mood, state of mind and health of the user.

celebrities use cbd

Celebrity CBD users include actors, talk show hosts, musicians, sport stars and numerous leading personalities in various fields. Famous CBD users and advocates include Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, Montel Williams, Gene Simmons, Jennifer Aniston, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Wilde, Tony Chong, Nate Diaz and Ghost Face Killa. Country music legend, Willie Nelson has been a long–term advocate of CBD oil. Recently, the musician introduced his cannabis line into the market as he continues to advocate for the benefits of CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes. Anything that impacts one’s mental ability could negatively affect one’s performance. The psychoactive effect of THC could make you miss notes and think you are doing well when it’s the opposite. Alcohol has the same effect, numbing your mind and giving you a false sense of your vocals or performance. These also have long term adverse effects. Smoking and drinking have adverse effects on the vocals and therefore CBD oil is a better alternative.

Is CBD Legal?

Cannabidiol oil can be legally sold in Britain if it contains less than 0.05% THC. CBD oils and other by products are legal are legal in all the 50 states in America. It is generally legalized in over 40 countries with a lot of advocacy for its non-psychoactive effect and no known harmful effect.